The following rates cover most of the type of services that I provide. Service contracts and large projects may be quoted by request for services that go beyond the scope of those outlined here.

Hourly non-contract rate

   install software $115.00  
   configure software    
   install hardware    
   Service Call charges additional (see below)    

Specify a Dell computer

   Includes setting up a Dell.com account, placing speced computers in 'Wish List' for you to put in the cart and purchase. We can discuss changes and I will make them for you. $75.00  
   You then only need to log in to the account and make your purchase online or call Dell and have a representative review your cart and take your order for you.    

Software and Hardware Purchasing

   I am not a retail store  and do not stock hardware for sale or to repair your computer. $25.00 minimum
   I can determine and/or specify the software and hardware that you need for me to provide the services you request. Providing this service for you entails my time and the use of my accounts for purchasing.    
   10 percent of the cost of purchasing, including the tax and shipping, will be added to the price I will invoice you for these purchases.    

Computer setup

   included: unbox new computer, configure initial settings including preinstalled software, network configuration, wireless network setup, installation at client site $75.00 minimum
   extra: service call charge for onsite installation, install applications, add perirpherals, etc.    

Service Call

   in addition to hourly/contracted rates    
   in Summit County    
   north of Silverthorne $65.00 per hour
   Dillon, Silverthorne, Copper Mt., Keystone $40.00 per visit
   Frisco, Blue River $30.00 per visit
   Breckenridge $20.00 per visit
   out of Summit County $65.00 per hour

Computer and Equipment Disposal

   Dispose of computer, printers, monitors, etc. $35.00 first item
   I will remove equipment from your site and dispose of them by recycling and reusing components. $15.00 each additional item
   If equipment has sufficient value for resale, I can attempt to sell the item on craigslist.com, providing you with a portion of the revenue generated by the sale of the equipment.    

Anti-virus removal

   minimum 1 hour $115.00 minimum

Reinstall OS with provided discs

   minimum 1 hour, by the hour $115.00 minimum
   this usually takes 1 - 2 hours depending on accessibility of drivers, age of system, etc.